Occupational Therapy and Reiki can help with loss, grief and bereavement

Grief is a normal emotion in response to loss. It doesnot just arrive with the passing of a loved one, it comes in many guises and forms and can be a response to  tangible and intangible life events such as  transitions, loss of role, relationship breakdown, moving home/job etc.

Our reaction to grief can be influenced by many factors, in particular socio-cultural expectations with common phrases attached such as "be strong", "time heals", "keep busy" or even "it wasn't meant to be". These comments, whilst said by well intentioned friends and family, try to convince us that grief is a matter of the head rather than the heart and therefore rational thinking can overcome it. The fact that this is not possible can only add to feelings of inadequacy and impotence when going through the grief process.

Ok, so I stated "grief process" however there is no one template fits all, every experience is unique to the individual experiencing it _but_ many grieving responses are common. Although they may not be experienced in the same order or at the same intensity or for the same period of time, these responses can include:

  • Sadness
  • Loss of Concentration
  • Numbness
  • Anger
  • Fear

All of these can deplete energy which is why it is not unusual for a person to become sick when they are grieving. This in turn can negatively impact on a person's ability to engage in their daily occupations, those things they (click on links for more information)  have to, need to and want to do that enables a balance, contributes to identity and gives a sense of wellbeing.

"Occupation" as a term refers to practical and purposeful activities that allow people to live independently and have a sense of identity. This could be essential day-to-day tasks such as self-care, work or leisure." 
Royal College of Occupational Therapists

  Reiki replaces, balances and strengthens the flow of energy within the body which may decrease pain, ease muscle tension and improve sleep and can activate the natural healing process.  
UK Reiki Federation
What does the Research say about Reiki? - click here

As both an HCPC registered occupational therapist  and a Reiki Practitioner  (and member of the UK Reiki Federation) I now have the skills  to help issues impacting on  ability to engage in day to day life and to offer guidance, support and healing energy to enable a move forwards.
I cannot magically take away the sadness associated with the loss but giving a sense of calm and occupational balance can help the person to feel more able to handle the grief response and gain balance.

Please see my Facebook group: Skip's Legacy for more information on Reiki and what I can offer.


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